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David Atencio has had a long and diverse career working in the help profession. Having worked in and around residential centers for youth, the Department of Human Services (both at the county and state levels), child placement agencies serving youth and families, licensing and training foster homes (approx. 300 homes including home studies) and staff as well as developing program for youth and families over the past 34 years has equipped David to continue his work in a therapeutic manner as a Certified Non-Licensed Psycho Therapist in the State of Colorado. Additionally, David is certified and available to teach Love and Logic as well as Beyond Consequences Institute parenting training. David has been instructed in Family Coaching method as well as a “trainer for trainers” in the life skills curriculum created by the State of Colorado “Transition to Adult Living.”

David Atencio is able to assist adult individuals and couples who are in the midst of difficulty with relational problems, vocational difficulties and issues, emotional disturbances, anxiety, depression, disturbing behavior patterns, emotional management and identity crisis. Many of the above adult dynamics manifest themselves in adolescents as struggles with peer relationships, declines in school performance, behavioral and emotional concerns including mood disorders, anxiety and emotional dysregulation. Helping teenage individuals with these issues as well as working with families who are experiencing family discord (often as a result of adolescent angst) is one of David’s biggest enjoyments vocationally.

Beyond Consequences |

Beyond Consequences (BC) is a philosophy developed by Brian Post and Heather Forbes creating a parenting paradigm which equips parents to start responding to their children from a place of unconditional love and safety to create and preserve relationships and provide a healing environment for the whole family. Many children (and parents) have been traumatized in their lives and using fear in any fashion with them only adds to their trauma based fear level. BC dissipates stress between family members allowing for connection to take place. BC also addresses the effects that trauma has on the mind/body system

Love and Logic

Love and Logic (LL) was created by Foster Kline and Jim Fay to enable parents and teachers as well as others who are caregivers for children to teach and raise children to be responsible and contributing people. LL uses empathy, choices, shared power and natural consequences when children make mistakes eliminating the need for parents to use anger, threats or taking responsibility for their children’s behavior. LL establishes or restores respect and enjoyment between family members and makes children self confident enough to discover that they can indeed solve their own problems.

Family Coaching

Family Coaching (FC) was developed by Pat Murden who together with her staff in Lubbock, TX has coached thousands of families and individuals. FC sees a family as a potential team to identify it’s own issues, find its purpose and mend relationships through resolving conflict and forgiveness. FC connects people to God, themselves and others. In order to show respect for FC’s creative investment and particular beliefs in how it should be utilized, David does not use any exclusive FC materials but does use FC’s methodology much of which is foundational to David Atencio’s work.

Faith Based Counseling

David Atencio enjoys working with those individuals who find it important to be with a therapist that is sympathetic to or shares their beliefs about God or the spiritual element of one’s self. David is willing to explore the connections with one’s spirituality, faith walk, or relationship with God and the personal struggles and questions that brought them into therapy.

Methodology of Therapy

A handout sharing David Atencio’s methodology or therapeutic orientation is available on request.